Facebook Live Introduces Closed Captioning New service makes Live more accessible and convenient

Facebook Live

Facebook is making life easier for those who love to love the “Live” experience. The social media giant announced the addition of a closed captioning feature to users for their live video streams, allowing content to be easily accessed and understood. The new feature can be automatically turned on through caption settings, allowing anyone who is watching the ability to both read and see what is happening live.

This feature is perfect for for brands and businesses who love to stream because it improves accessibility for audiences with hearing impairments and provides all users a way to visually follow along. Live continues to evolve as more and more businesses use it for events, behind-the-scenes and Q&A content. Viewers can virtually be where the action is taking place and interact through comments and reactions. Closed captioning is just one additional feature that’s making the process more efficient and enhancing the experience for viewers.

For those who are not sure how Facebook Live works, check out this How To from Facebook itself. You can also view the video below for a visual tutorial. Enjoy, and start connecting with your audience through Facebook Live!

Chad Sanchez

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