Facebook To Broaden Horizons with TV Ventures By the end of the summer, Facebook hopes to stream original programming to your living room

Social media empire Facebook has announced its intentions to enter the world of television. By the end of the summer, Facebook hopes to have a couple dozen shows on its network for purchase, ranging in price per episode. These reports surfaced in May and will include original content like an innovative Virtual Reality show for dating.

While these up-and-coming shows are not meant to compete with other notable companies such as Netflix and HBO directly, some will cost Facebook as much as $200,000 per episode on the high end, with others costing as low as $20,000. Buzzfeed and Vox have been reported to be creating content with Facebook through these smaller episodes. If things go smoothly, Facebook says it is willing to increase its budget up to $3 million.

Not much of the programming is known to the public yet. But sources say it will feature a defunct MTV show, Loosely Exactly Nicole, starring Nicole Byer. The show only lasted eight episodes on MTV before being cut, but Facebook aims to give life to the old show and give it a second chance.

How likely are you to view Facebook’s new TV content? From the supposed budgets of the multi-billion dollar company, it sounds like it’s well on its way to creating some high quality programming. Let us know what you think of this new venture in the comments below.

Joe R. Wells

Currently attending college in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Theology. I collect sneakers and go on mission trips with my church every summer.

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