ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill Leaves SportsCenter’s SC6 for The Undefeated Hill asked management to move to ESPN's provocative microsite

Sports journalist Jemele Hill, one of the anchors for SportsCenter at 6:00 p.m (SC6), reportedly asked management to join The Undefeated staff. The move was confirmed by sources recently, according to Sports Illustrated. ESPN’s microsite The Undefeated goes more in-depth on topics such as race, sports, and culture, as well as produce a range of multimedia content.

In 2017, Hill tweeted multiple times calling President Donald Trump “a white supremacist,” for multiple reasons, as well as the way the President addressed the protest in Charlottesville. Hill’s response caused a controversy, which garnered a response from Trump himself via Twitter asking for an apology and for Hill to be fired.

ESPN released an apology saying the tweets Hill tweeted did not represent the company’s views. Hill also released a statement saying the tweets were her personal views and did not want ESPN to be viewed as such. She was later suspended for two weeks for her comments, which violated ESPN’s social media policy.

According to a Sports Illustrated Podcast with Jemele Hill, Trump said Hill’s hosting career has dropped ESPN’s ratings. She responded by referring to an article profiling her in The New York Times stating, “You’re not somebody unless the president tweets about you.”

However, now that Hill is known to be outspoken about her political views, working for The Undefeated, who has a platform that talks about how race, culture, and sports, seems like a great fit. Hill is said to be leaving SportsCenter sometime in February.

Rikki Yanez

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