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How to Enjoy NBA Courtside Seats from Your Living Room The NBA has partnered with Magic leap to take the full experience to another level

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New virtual reality software created by Magic Leap is merging with the NBA to give viewers an in-your-face experience. The company’s newest headset, the Magic Leap One will be capable of giving users a real-time courtside view of the game.

Former NBA superstar Shaq has used the VR (virtual reality) goggles, saying “When I went to Magic Leap, I watched a full court game right here.” He gestured to the empty space on his right. “LeBron was right here. Then I went over here (he was gesturing to his left) and watched Orlando play the LA Lakers.” Clearly, Shaq loved the product, but he isn’t an official NBA spokesman for the headset.

The goggles can work with more than just basketball. Because the technology makes an experience feel so real, it’s likely to change how people remember information or how someone performs a basic job. With all that information at your disposal inside of the goggles, someday people may forget basic tasks like changing a tire.

With all the VR options out there, the Magic Leap One one stands apart by adding 3D animation to the world around you and is set to officially release sometime later this year. The Florida-based company has two major companies backing it – Google and Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. The headsets will be priced around $1000 to $2500. The company hopes to make headsets in the future for less than $1000.

Content Creation as we know it will inevitably change through this new software. You’ll be able to watch your favorite shows in a 3D display. Painters and other artists will be able to mix and match different musical and artistically elements easily. The goggles will be able to make the 3D display react and be controlled by the users hand movements. The Magic Leap One sounds like it could be very useful and exciting, especially in their partnership with the NBA.

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