Dovetale: A Recommendation Engine To Find Social Influencers Dovetale is the tool to help you find the social Influencers that can take your brand to the next level

Dovetale: A Recommendation Engine To Find Social Influencers

As a brand developer or marketer, you are always on the hunt for social influencers who have something similar to what you’re aiming for, right?  Well, that time you spend on keywords, hashtags, and random searches can be cut in half, thanks to Dovetale.

Dovetale is a new search tool that will help you find what you may be looking for through image recognition. This influencer marketing platform, founded by Mike Schmidt, is meant to help marketers find the best marketing strategy by connecting with social influencers and their platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram) through a recommendation engine to hopefully find a match.

“We have developed a true technology platform that brings back the strategy, accountability, and trust in influencer marketing,” said Schmidt. “Dovetale helps educate brands during the process while making it easy to see the direct impact influencer marketing has on their campaigns, so they can eventually own their influencer marketing strategy.”

This tool is similar to Google’s reverse image searching, where marketers or agencies set the parameters for what they’re looking for. An opportunity is also presented for influencers to be paid, but it doesn’t end there; Dovetale is also providing more tools to brand developers that can further their search and information regarding productivity and analytics on influencers. This is a great time to be a social influencer and be recognized for your social presence; it’s also great for agencies to find the exact talent they are looking for.

Source: Adweek

Denis Boateng

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