Cowboys Fail Epically at Creating Meme Not every meme is a good decision

Memes can become popular in a matter of minutes and spread like wildfire in the social media world. But the key to a successful meme is applying a proper headline, the perfect accompanying image and a tasteful mockery of something relatable. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Cowboys social media team got wrong this week.

Building on popular memes like the Snapchat hotdog, salt bae, United Airlines and the mocking SpongeBob, the NFL team thought it would be fun to create its own distracted boyfriend meme which features a man walking with his assumed girlfriend, but stops to take a peek at another woman who’s walked by.

After their recent win against the New York Giants in their season opener, the Dallas Cowboys decided to jump on the meme bandwagon, but they failed miserably, and the internet let them have it.

Needless to say, the Cowboys social media team didn’t think this one through, since the internet is pretty tired of the overused meme. It is definitely safe to say they were trying too hard to be cool in this scenario. Check out some of the reactions to the tweet:

Next time, the Cowboys’ PR team needs to review their tweets before sending them out. Do you think the Cowboys played its hand too quickly when it published this one? Let us know in the comments below, and you can find more hilarious tweets via SB Nation.

Chad Sanchez

I'm an alumni of The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Journalism. Married with two children, residing in Houston, TX but originally from Dallas, TX so I love the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Cowboys. I love sports, gaming and fashion and how they all wrap together into a unique culture. Hoping to turn my passion into a career.

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