Content Kings: Our Staff’s Favorite Stories From Around the Web This Week From conquering poker to Super Bowl 51 predictions....

From conquering poker to Super Bowl 51 predictions, here are our staff’s favorite content pieces from around the web this week.

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George Kiel | CEO  – @GeorgeKiel3

Mailbag: Matt Bonner – The Players’ Tribune

Matt Bonner

Classic Matt Bonner. This was a great follow-up to our production of the retirement heard ’round the world.


Norris Groves | Co-Founder – @ngrovesjr

America Should Root for the Atlanta Falcons – GQ

With Super Bowl 51 upon us, everyone is making their case for who will prevail victorious on the gridiron February 5th. Super magazine, GQ states their case from a culture standpoint. I approve.


Jon Zmikly | Co-Founder – @jonzmikly

Cade Metz, Artificial Intelligence Is About to Conquer Poker, But Not Without Human Help – Wired

I firmly believe the future of artificial intelligence is going to exponentially change the way we live in years to come, but it will never quite reach the complexity of the human brain. This piece was reminded me of that conviction and that our robotic future is going to be very complex.


Dezmond Moore | Content Strategy Intern – @dezweneedmoore

Power Rangers (2017) Official Trailer – It’s Morphin’ Time! – Lionsgate

With every movie remake there is fear of directors and producers ruining the nostalgia you developed from the original. After seeing the first official trailer for the 2017 Power Rangers, I have accepted that this movie will be quite different than the original Mighty Morphin’ film 22 years ago (22 years, I know) but it still looks AWESOME! I’ll definitely be in the theatres come March 24.

TeeJay Void | Contributing Writer – @teejayvoid

The Tree by Jeff Capel – The Players’ Tribune

Jeff Capel

As we get started on the personal narrative series on this site, I am drawn to this article in The Players’ Tribune. It’s amazing to hear the personal stories of high level sports figures spoken from a first person perspective. This story by Jeff Capel was particularly touching because I am a current coach and former disgruntled collegiate athlete that acquired the coaching bug from my father. This story of transition, triumph, and family is certainly a memorable one.


Denis Boateng | Blogger Intern – @BoatengDenis

Ted Simmons, Migos Couldn’t Book a Late-Night Performance Until Donald Glover’s Shout-Out – XXL

Migos Culture album is out now.

The Migos have definitely changed the Culture, from being predicted to be one hit wonders to having a #1 hit on the Billboard chart. This article shed light on how the Migos broke barriers with the co-sign from fellow artist and actor Donald Glover who called them the Beatles of our generation. Their new album CULTURE was released yesterday.


George Kiel

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