Content Kings: Our Staff’s Favorite Stories from Around the Web This Week Check out our must-read/watch content pieces from the past seven days.

From Charles Oakley’s feud with the Knicks to Russell Westbrook’s misunderstood genius, here are our staff’s favorite content pieces from around the web this week.

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George Kiel | CEO  – @GeorgeKiel3

For Charles Oakley and Knicks, a Long-Simmering Feud Boils Over – New York Times

Charles Oakley

One of my favorite writers, Scott Cacciola, detailed the tumultuous relationship between Charles Oakley and the New York Knicks following the melee that took place at The Garden earlier this week. I had no clue that Oakley was a chef! Anyways, great piece of work and great insight into Oak’s mind and the way he feels about the Knickerbockers.


Norris Groves | Co-Founder – @ngrovesjr

The College Dropout’ Turns 13: An Oral History Of Kanye West’s Classic From An Engineer’s Perspective – VIBE

In the latest edition of: I Feel Old, I’m honestly in disbelief that one of my favorite albums, The College Dropout, came out 13 years ago. I vividly remember sitting in my 10th grade French class digesting this masterpiece for the first time. In honor of its anniversary, VIBE caught up with Grammy-Award winning engineer, Anthony Kilhoffer to pick his brain about the time he spent working on one of the most classic albums of all time.


Jon Zmikly | Co-Founder – @jonzmikly

Against Storytelling – Track Changes

This piece was an interesting look at the dynamics between storytelling and design. It reminded me that the best designed technology should actually be invisible. My favorite line was the last one: “The best-designed stuff doesn’t tell you some high-minded story; it just gets out of the way, and lets you tell your own damn story.”


TeeJay Void | Contributing Writer – @teejayvoid

What Athletes Know About Donald Trump – CNN

Many people like to marginalize the importance of athletes and sports in politics. However, there is no denying the connection of the two. Sports have been at the forefront, and at times pioneers, of political and social climate changes for some time. In times like these, CNN spoke extensively about the relationship between athletes and politics. You may be surprised at the history.


Dezmond Moore | Content Strategy Intern – @dezweneedmoore

The Misunderstood Genius of Russell Westbrook – NY Times

Sam Anderson from The New York Times Magazine absolutely nails the story of Russell Westbrook as it currently takes place. Each facet of this story was carefully crafted to match Westbrook. From the electric-looking cover to the wisely worded headline to even the Saint Laurent jacket Westbrook is wearing in the cover. Anderson details the departure of Kevin Durant, the upbringing of Westbrook, the ridiculous triple-double stats, of course his fashion, and so much more. He really captures the misunderstood genius of Russell Westbrook.


George Kiel

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