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AT&T Creates Mobile 5G Wireless AT&T is transforming the network for the future to come with its mobile 5G wireless

AT&T is the first to release mobile 5G this year so far, while some carriers have been testing it for a while now. By the end of 2018 Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas and (surprise) Waco, Texas are the first cities of 12 to receive 5G from AT&T.  The network has been working on a time-restricted schedule for its launch this year in order for customers to enjoy the power of mobile 5G. They also have plans to add more 5G-capable mobile devices and smartphones in early 2019.

It’s said that the wireless network will operate on the millimeter wave spectrum and is based off 3GPP standard. The 5G wireless will offer faster speeds of several gigabits per second which will have a lower latency than current 4G wireless networks. This means it will be beneficial for all devices requiring consistent internet connection, according to TechCrunch. This will also provide new and exciting experiences for their customers.

Since the lightning-fast data speeds are only going to be released in the multi-cities for trials, the hardware makers and wireless carriers will have to strategically plan release dates to avoid one launch doing better than another. These new speeds will allow users to upload video, text and other multimedia content faster than ever.

Rikki Yanez

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