Animoji Videos are the Newest Social Media Craze What's better than George Michael singing 'Careless Whisper'? A unicorn Animoji reenacting it, obviously.

Year after year, Apple fans everywhere look forward to new specs and updates its ever popular iPhone. And with each passing update, the technology brings with it new features and uses for Apple’s flagship device.

But this year, a new augmented reality (AR) feature released on the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X is literally turning heads. The fun and exciting update brings us the introduction of Animojis, originally announced back in September, allowing content creators to take many different emoji, specifically animals, and create memorable short clips. Animojis work on iOS 11 and uses facial recognition hardware that scans the users’ faces, allowing the selected emoji to mimic actual facial expressions.

Users can edit their looping video clips before sending them out, and some of them ended up being non-stop hilarious experiences. Many videos range from karaoke songs, to reenactments from movies or TV shows. Check out a few of the Animojis the internet is loving:

Did you get a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X? If so, send us some of your best clips, or let us know what some of your favorites are. Don’t forget to tag @Coiski media with more hilarious Animoji content.

Chad Sanchez

I'm an alumni of The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Journalism. Married with two children, residing in Houston, TX but originally from Dallas, TX so I love the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Cowboys. I love sports, gaming and fashion and how they all wrap together into a unique culture. Hoping to turn my passion into a career.

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