Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mobile Game Coming to iOS and Android this Week Nintendo's third smartphone-enabled game arrives November 22nd

Get ready to start picking your weeds and visiting your fellow townspeople. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming to your smartphone this week.

Announced in April of 2016, Nintendo has kept its promise of bringing fan-favorite titles to mobile platforms, and now Animal Crossing is joining the ranks. One of the most popular franchises in Nintendo’s history, Pocket Camp serves as a mobile-friendly version of the city simulation game. Catch fish while you wait in line, decorate your home instead of focusing on work, and even dig up fossils while you lay in bed, all on your smartphone.

In recent years, Nintendo has battled to remain a competitor amongst the likes of Sony and Microsoft, and many have seen the Nintendo Switch as its last hope to stay relevant. Now, these small moves into the smartphone marketplaces such as iOS and Google Play could pose some potential competition for other digital content creation companies. And the more powerful smartphones become, the more capable they are of providing users with powerful gaming and storytelling capabilities.

Are you excited for more Nintendo games on smartphones?

Luis Seijo

Texas State University | 👟🍴🏀👨🏻‍💻

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