Amazing GoPro Footage Exposes Great White Shark Teeth in All their Glory Get an up close and personal look into the mouth of the world's deadliest shark

Over the years, adventurists and videographers alike have caught some amazing footage on their GoPros. But rarely do they bring us into the mouth of a great white shark.

That’s exactly what videographer Anthony Kobrowisky gave to the world on his company’s Facebook page, Sea Candy Media. The video comes with the caption “Who needs a steak knife when you got a row of serrated White Shark teeth!” which is a very fitting title for getting up close and personal with the most deadly shark in the ocean.

“This video is not to show any negative aspects of white sharks but rather to show the pure awesomeness of this amazing apex predator, and no one was in danger when filming this video,” Kobrowisky said in an interview with Newsflare.

Sea Candy Media focuses on “land, aerial and underwater video and photography” and is based in South Africa, which is considered to be the “great white shark capital of the world.” So, it’s no surprise Anthony was able to get such amazing footage.

Be sure to check out Sea Candy Media‘s Facebook page for more awe-inspiring underwater shark shots!

Jon Zmikly

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