8 Announcements from Amazon’s ‘Surprise’ Event Check out these amazing tech tools Amazon has been working on under the radar

3. Alex’s Smart Home Updates

Dave Limp from Amazon introduced new Alexa features at the event that are designed to enhance the device. The new and improved Alexa will use “implicit targeting” that will allow people to cluster a variety of smart home devices to a specific Alexa device. Basically, instead of asking Alexa to turn on the living room lights, you can simply say “turn on the lights,” and the Alexa device will make your room brighter.

However, the coolest feature to come to the updated Alexa would be the “routines” feature. Limp showed it off in a demo at the event by saying, “Alexa, good morning.” After hearing this phrase, the lights came on in the room, the blind shades went up, Echo began reading the weather and traffic, and a tea kettle turned on.

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