8 Announcements from Amazon’s ‘Surprise’ Event Check out these amazing tech tools Amazon has been working on under the radar

2. The new Fire TV (with HDR and 4K support)

With the newly-released Apple TV 4K, Amazon had to put out a new Fire TV. The Fire TV devices have sold “tens of millions” and are reported to be the #1 streaming device in the US, UK, as well as Germany and Japan. The newest Fire TV with 4K will cost $69 and is now available for preorder.

This new device will have the ability to ask Alexa to play content through your connected television. Plus, shows and movies will pick up where you left off, and you will now be able to play channels through Hulu just by asking Alexa. The Fire TV’s Alexa integration is fully compatible with Hulu, Showtime, Netflix, Bravo, NBC, CBS, and more.

Bundles for the Fire TV and Echo Dot will be available for $80.

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